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Do you know what I enjoy the most? Designing Apps and Websites that look like a milion dollars. Cash.

The story of how I got started with design and website development

July 2000
I was born in Krusevac, Serbia. Big baby with a big smile, not much has changed ever since.
April 2015
I want to become famous YouTuber and I start recording Minecraft and Fifa gaming videos.
I needed thumbnails, so I went on YouTube to find out how to make them in Photoshop.
September 2015
First client! It was UpWork and my task was to Photoshop palette in a warehouse.
5$ in the bank baby!
January 2016
I start learning Premiere Pro to edit my videos even better. Good for a 15 year old at a time, isn't it?
December 2019
Timeline skipped a lot, but I hadn't. All this time was me perfecting my craft and learning. Why is this point here then - I decided that starting from 2020 I want to focus on client work and help them with my knowledge.
July 2020
I launch Nauči Dizajn (Learn Design) online design school to build design community in Serbia and help people choose design as a profession without needing a degree.
May 2021
I started learning Webflow. Surely, the best product and software that I have ever used.
Thanks for the golden era of design, Webflow!
October 2021
This portfolio was created. My WhatsApp status is Showtime, and this portfolio is nothing short of it. Proudly built by myself in Webflow.

This was "the long story short" but I always say - this is just a beginning!


Web design
yacht page

Yacht Booking Website

Client project dedicated to booking/renting his yacht on 3 different trips - family, party or excursion. You can check the website and feel the experience yourself.

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people celebrating

Dating and Friends App Case Study

An app that finds me a soulmate and friends for life? That's quite a claim, isn't it? Let me show you my design solution.

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flying mockups

Fitness Trainer App Case Study

My good friend is a fitness coach and having many clients at the same time, started to be exhausting, but he was using so many different platforms to commmunicate. He realised — why don’t I make my own app?

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Flight app

Flight Booking App Case Study

We all love traveling, don’t we? You are most likely to use an app to help you find the best prices and locations. Being in that situation currently, I decided to make a complete app for my favorite flight search website — Megabon.

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Calculator mockup

Download the best designed calculator app on the market

Apple said that they don't have calculator app on iPad because they needed it to be exceptional, but couldn't made it that way. I decided to take things in my hands and make the best designed calculator app on the market, enchanted with amazing math, scientific and measure functionalities. If only I had it back in high school...

Soon available


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Client logo
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